{Afghan spree suspect en route to U.S. amid probe|and Kuwaiti military officials confirmed he had flown out of the country earlier Friday and John Henry Browne, the suspect’s attorney, told the Associated Press that he or his legal partner Emma Scanlan would meet the suspect at Leavenworth next week|U.S|will speed Afghan handoverSuspect in Afghan rampage returning to U.S|He wouldn’t discuss the killings in detail because of they were still under investigation|The suspect, an Army sergeant who remains unidentified, is expected to be brought to the military prison at Fort Leavenworth in Kansas|”The organizations and leaders here are surprised and shocked as much by it as we are,” Rodriguez told a news conference|Meanwhile, Pentagon officials are investigating independent reports that in the hours before the shooting, the accused soldier was drinking alcohol with two other soldiers, which is forbidden in a combat zone|

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