Students need to know the importance of grammar in essay writing?

Because! Communication is vital. Especially in the modern world: where we are sending messages and ideas across the world in seconds to multiple cultures. A simple confusion can be fatal.

All college fields have their own language and concepts which are common to those within the field but which are unintelligible to those outside of it. Science, in particular, is guilty of this but also humanities (how many of you know what it means when a historian says ‘that is a Whiggish interpretation’? I sorta know but I always feel I am not quite getting the reading right because I am not in the ‘history clique’) and arts. To avoid this, we need to be able to pass on ideas outside of our limited areas of knowledge. For this, we need to be able to write well.

Grammar is a set of consistent rules that we all (more or less) follow when writing. It provides a familiar framework for any ideas presented within it. This means that instead of having to interpret the meaning of a sentence as well as the meaning of the ideas within it, we only have to understand the idea. The fewer barriers between the message and the brains of others the better…

Now, this does not mean that strict loyalty to grammar is essential. Far from it. Grammar can and should develop and change with context and time. But, having the rules in place and kind, closely why and when you are breaking them, is a start.

All the time students cannot write essays themselves for some, essential reasons. What’s more, time board is viewed as very important to prevail in your student life yet students do not hone it well. It goes to a moment that written work a thesis is not a need any longer. The custom essay writing service will make it its need for students.

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