rapid fast keto boost we’re gonna make

rapid fast keto boost we’re gonna make a small smoothie this will just kind of hold you off until lunchtime I have my little cup in my metal straw over here we have our collagen powder that I love to use collagen is really great you guys in fridge do you read on that as well it preserves your banana I also do that for mine right now does one kes all of our rice in here I’ve already reduced it to low close it and let it cook we’re gonna cut this tomato into half-inch pieces I feel like the skin is so stubborn cut from the inside see how much more easy that was obsessed it this lime but we’re also going to juice it inside of our mango sat it over here I like when my mango is like this like I feel like this is a good size but everything that we had from the stems is going to be added some cuts and it’s just to bake it but I love when mind is like can fry and we want to coat these guys really nice things our pork is inside of here I put a little bit of olive oil before I put these guys in my pan and I have this on a medium heat right now and we’re gonna wait until these guys are golden brown on each side this 1/2 teaspoon of sugar so I’m just gonna sprinkle some of that over top says half the green














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