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Next problem – food only salads. But eating only Secrets of the Skinny Review  salads, you will soon start to get a little indulgence in the form of adding cheese, cheese, eggs, mayonnaise and dried fruits. You think that eating salad of lettuce, but ignores all the other components in the form of mayonnaise or cheese. In addition, if you eat only salads, then you start to experience a shortage of proteins.

And our body protein is vital as the construction and repair material. You can not just give up and fat, as, for example, vitamin A, necessary for the vision and beauty of the skin, your body can absorb only with the help of fats. Also, lack of fat you will quickly notice in the form of sagging skin. To preserve beauty required rate of fat intake should be 20-30 grams.

Victims of progress. There is another category of people who in the quest for weight loss and healthy living to feed only the right product made with the latest technology, that is, those that advertise the manufacturers of dietary foods. That is different muesli, dietetic cocktail, soy cheese, cereal, chocolate without the fat and sugar and the like. But sugar and trans fats in most cereal bars almost the same as in chocolate. But in the bars a little more dietary fiber, but the calories in them, no less. To treat such a dietary product should be like for sweets – can afford to enjoy them from time to time, but can not eat them regularly.

If you want to burn off your fat and want to look sexy, you have to know what works and what doesn’t. Unfortunately, most people have no idea of what works and what doesn’t. They buy shakes, acai berries, etc only to find out that they have been scammed. If you want to burn fat and look sexier real quick these effective techniques can help you…

Secrets of the Skinny Review

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