It doesn’t really cost anything to stop snoring naturally. Resurge Review  The end result is that you will have peaceful sleep at night and you will feel fresh all day. Many people who snore don’t really know how to deal with the problem. The problem of snoring has often been the cause of either temporary or permanent separation. The consequences of snoring can be really serious and this is the reason people are desperately in need of snoring solution. But, the first thing you would want to know is; what are your reasons for snoring.

The main cause of snoring is the restriction in air flow.Normal breathing allows the flow of air from outside through the nose to the lungs. In this case the demand for oxygen is relatively low and the person breathes without any obstruction. Take for instance; when we do vigorous exercise, there is a high oxygen demand which makes the breathing heavier. In order to meet and cope with the high demand, the air rushes into the air ways and causes turbulence and this leads the tissues and muscles in the air passage to vibrate.

This is exactly what happens when a person snores. The only difference is that snoring happens during sleep and there are a number of reasons as to how the back of the throat narrows. When this happens, air is forced to rush in through the narrow passage and is not able to meet the high oxygen demand. Therefore, the muscle tissues in the air passages start to vibrate and cause the irritating noise which we call snoring.

The reasons for throat to narrow include allergies, substance abuse, physical abnormalities, obesity and infections. It could simply be due to the sleeping posture of the individual or it can be due to some complicated problems such as physical deformities.

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