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Penis Pumps. These are the contraptions you probably  Man Greens Review have seen before which require you to place your penis inside a tube and then start pumping away, causing blood flow increase to your penis and then hopefully creating larger size after several weeks of pumping. The main concern I have with penis pumps, and the concerns many others have as well, is the safety factor.

Anytime you are using a machine or contraption you open yourself up to product malfunction, breakage, and normal wear and tear. This might be naturally fine and understandable for other uses, but we are talking about our penis here. We want to have as much control as possible over our penises and not cause it them any harm whatsoever.

By using pumps you are basically opening up the box for the chances of potential danger. And again, while this may be understandable in the usual circles, we are talking about our PENISES here. And placing trust in a pump to handle our precious penises is a risk I don’t think is worth taking.
Penis Pills.

We’ve all seen the commercials and advertisements for these. The promise of major size from just popping a pill a day sounds too good to be true. And really, it is. I’ve looked into it and there are not any legitimate means in which the pill ingredients can give you a big permanent size gain. Now, they can cause increase blood flow, which can cause a temporary small boost in size, but we are looking for real size gain, not just a little boost that lasts for minutes.

Man Greens Review

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