How the Sleep Apnea Pillow Works

One of the most popular non invasive forms of treatment is a   Mela Luna Sleep Review  , sleep Apnea pillow. The pillow should be one of comfort not one that will place the neck in an awkward position. The pillow should be cost effective and not so expensive that the correct pillow is not purchased due to the price. Body pillows have also been shown to help with some of the symptoms of this sleeping disorder. The sleep Apnea pillow is sometimes referred to as the wedge pillow or the neck pillow. The pillow is designed to keep the individual from sleeping on their back and thus cutting down on some of the snoring and breathing problems that is associated with the condition.

Another popular pillow used for sleep Apnea is the Contour Cloud. This pillow is made with a high quality orthopedic memory foam that actually contours to the individual body type. It also helps keeps the neck and head in a comfortable position to help prevent airway obstruction. While most people think the sleep Apnea pillow is designed for just the treatment of this condition, the pillows can also be used to help with tingling of the arms and numbness in the arms after falling asleep.

For individuals who suffer from sleep Apnea and are not at the stage that a breathing machine is necessary, the sleep Apnea pillow is the best alternative to help with the sleeping and snoring. For those individuals who want a good comfortable night sleep and to wake up feeling refreshed, the pillow also works wonders. A medical professional should be consulted before purchasing the sleep pillow so the correct pillow type can be recommended.

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