Four Roles of Satan Against Us

Spirituality is only a stance, an attitude toward  Overthrowing Anxiety Review the things of the Spirit. As such, every one has a spirituality, even those who deny the existence of the spiritual. Throughout the centuries there have been many spiritualities. In the Western tradition we have the spirituality of the desert fathers, the hermits and monks of Egypt in the third and fourth centuries. Then there was the Benedictine spirituality. This was followed by many more.

In the Eastern world we have in the main Hindu and Buddhists spiritualities. These in turn are subdivided into different spiritualities. We have the Brahmanic spirituality. We have the Hinayanic spirituality. We can even speak of a Confucian spirituality, how Confucius and his followers regarded the things of the spirit.

As the world has now become global and the demarcation between East and West is blurred more and more people are searching for a spirituality that they can benefit from, one that will not only give them enlightenment on spiritual matters but one that will fulfill their deepest yearnings.

There are signs of spiritual hunger all around us. Some have satisfied their spiritual hunger and are spiritually awakened. As more and more people are spiritually awakened, we will discover more and more kinds of spirituality. We have already the word Cooperian associated with spirituality, referring to the ideas of Adrian Cooper, the author of the book Our Ultimate Reality.

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