The First Three Yamas

How do we go about describing an infinite God. Well,  Thought Manifestation Review there are many descriptions of God, within various religious traditions, and we should recognise that whilst they may each be individually valuable, none of them can possibly be complete. For example, we have the notions of God as a father figure; God as love; God as spirit; God as truth; God as light. Of course, all of these ideas can be simultaneously true for an infinite intelligence whilst none of them individually represent the fullness of what it is to be infinite.

Defining the term ‘God’ is therefore an impossible task and indeed, human language shows itself to be a wholly inadequate medium for such efforts. In other words, whatever you imagine God to be, you must be wrong because he is bigger, more powerful and more mysterious than you can possibly begin to imagine – that is a tiny part of what it means to be infinite.

Over the years, I have lost count of how many times I have heard this question asked. if created the universe, then who created God. The answer must come to the individual from within, but in this post, I would at least like to provide a little help for those still thinking about the matter.

Let’s first consider a hypothetical but direct answer to the question. Supposing a being from another dimension of existence outside our reality, who’s name is Xargon, created God. What would your next question be. Who created Xargon – right. Well, supposing that within a plane of vibration that is dimensionless and without form, a noble being called Zogonda created Xargon. What would your next question be. Who created Zogonda.

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