Pentecost What Is It?

The particular Pentecost, however, that was celebrated Ultra Manifestation Review  in the spring of c.a. A.D. 30, had special significance for that early band of believers, who were first known as “followers of the way,” or the “sect of the Nazarene.” For much of the first century the early church was regarded as a sub-sect of Judaism.

One hundred and twenty of these messianic believers were huddled together in an upper room in Jerusalem waiting for what Jesus had described as “the baptism of the Spirit.” When that overflowing of the Spirit’s fullness came upon them, they were endued with boldness to preach the good news of the Gospel.

That day was, indeed, a bountiful harvest of souls. Three thousand people professed faith in Jesus as Messiah and Lord and requested baptism. The church was born and the harvest continued. Later in the Book of Acts, we read about five thousand who had come to faith and were meeting daily in homes scattered over Jerusalem. After that there is no further reckoning. The growth was so exponential that it was impossible to measure.

The movement spread, like wild-fire, across the Mediterranean world. Historians estimate that by the time of the conversion of Emperor Constantine, in 320 A.D. half of the Greco-Roman empire had been Christianized.

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