What Are Your Sleep ABC’s?

Can’t Get To Sleep. If it is constantly taking you longer  Resurge Review than half hour to fall asleep then you are displaying one of the main symptoms of insomnia. Experts suggest that if you still feel wide awake after 30 minutes you should get out of bed. You should then try to relax your mind by doing something simple such as to read a book or listen to some soothing music. You should refrain from getting back in bed until you feel tired enough to nod off.

Feeling Anxious And Depressed. Anxiety and depression is another of the main symptoms of insomnia with nine out of every ten sufferers suffering with one or the other. There are many treatments available for both anxiety and depression the most healthy and reliable though are simple relaxation techniques. Meditation, self hypnosis and controlled breathing have all been proven as great anxiety relievers and more importantly are easy to learn.

Unrefreshed And Unrested. A well known symptom of insomnia is when, although you feel as though you slept well you feel like a zombie. Poor concentration and reaction times are a common sign, as is finding yourself with a much shorter temper, snapping and lashing out over the littlest things. To help rectify this try getting extra exercise and seeing a nutritionist about your food intake. Also try if possible to get out into the sun more, it as been proven that sunshine helps raise a persons alertness.

Natural remedies to help you sleep can help you to gently relax at the end of the day and are effective for occasional insomnia and restlessness at night. Natural sleep harmony and healthy restorative rest can be supported with specific herbs.

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