Urinating More Frequently Than Before? You May Be in Trouble

Add to all the above, the use of natural health care, Virus Proof Protocol Review  especially homeopathy, for any existing ailment treatment, and you will be well on the way to amazing good health – the envy of all your friends. So cystitis cures work by raising your immune system. The homeopathic treatment of cystitis works by doing just this. But you need to be able to match your symptoms to those of the most appropriate medicine.

Nux vomica is a common homeopathic medicine, found in all good home prescribing kits. What the instruction leaflet generally won’t tell you is that it is one of the best cystitis cures. Cystitis can come about for a variety of reasons, such as habitual retention of urine or after the first sexual experience. Basically it’s the inflammation of the urinary bladder, which leads to painful, frequent or urgent urination.

The cystitis symptoms of Nux vomica are a constant urging to urinate, but only small amounts are passed. You can gain relief from a warm bath or by applying a heat pack over your lower abdomen. Holding on to your urine (eg when you can’t find a toilet) can be painful.

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