Lower Your Heart Attack Risk With These 2 Proven Tips

Heart disease is the number one killer in the US by far.Omega 3-7-9 Krill ReviewWhat’s strange is as technology and modern medicine progress you’d think heart disease rates would decrease.

FACT: Back in the early 1900’s consumption of beef, dairy and saturated fats were much higher than today however the incidence of death from heart disease was much lower. Our low fat, high sugar and high carb diet seems to have triggered more heart disease than ever.

What is being revealed is that high cholesterol level from consuming saturated fats is not the key variable in our risk of getting heart disease. In fact high cholesterol a very misleading indicator for heart disease as many people with very low LDL cholesterol are susceptible to arterial plaque build up just the same.

…So how does modern medicine deal with the increasing tend of deadly heart disease?

Big pharmaceutical companies spend millions of dollars marketing dangerous Statin drugs which do more harm than good to the majority that take them. It is well documented that these cholesterol lowering drugs may only help roughly 6% of the patients that take them and cause potentially dreadful side effects from horrible muscle cramps, nausea, and severe memory loss!https://consumerscomment.com/omega-3-7-9-krill-review/

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