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Various research studies have proven that fish oil is very Organifi Green Juice Review  beneficial for both men and women. It is believed that each day something new is discovered in it that proves to be advantageous to human health, directly or indirectly. Because of the omega 3 benefits the fatty acids found in the oil are popularly renamed as good fats. They are highly essential for your optimal wellness. These nutrients are very important for your body but are not produced on its own and that is why you need to consume more oil rich diet or rely on supplements that will provide you with the required nutrition.

Some studies have shown that flax seed oil also contains essential omega-3 fatty acids but it is not clear whether they help in the same way as fish oil. The major advantages of the cod liver oil include.

Strengthens cardiovascular heath – One of the most important omega 3 benefits is that they help in reducing heart diseases by controlling the cholesterol level and high blood pressure. By consuming them regularly, your abnormal heart rhythm can be corrected, thereby preventing heart attacks and strokes.

Decreases inflammation related pains – Although flaxseed oil benefits are numerous, it has not been able to act as an anti-inflammation agent unlike the cod liver oil which is rich in omega-3s and very low in pro-inflammatory omega-6s. It is widely used in treatment of back aches and menstrual pain.

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