velofel benefits  huge disparity between

velofel benefits  huge disparity between sets like the oculus consumer version, one which tracks somebody’s head in 3d space and if they move their head then the environment stays where it is rather than coming with the observer if the environment comes with you when you move your head, that’s extremely nauseating and with Google cardboard which has accelerometers that detect rotation of the head but no translation or linear motion of the head that’s a really problematic situation so cardboard, no, try not to use wearing eyeglasses versus not. yeah thanks Tony I haven’t seen differences in particular and we have


velofel side effects wear contacts if they can and the reason is because you can move the glass glasses into a sub optimal position very easily. with a headset you might have some scratching of the lenses of the headset or the glasses themselves so motion sickness is not an issue with eyeglasses in particular as far as I’m aware, however calibrating the distance between the eyes is extremely important and there’s a colleague in the US who is doing great research on this showing that some of the differences between men and women in terms of sickness might be related to the differences on average between the interpupillary distance

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