Factors That Cause Sleep Disturbance

The subconscious mind can still be affected by  Mela Luna Sleep Review  different sounds even while we are sleeping so making sure the TV is off will help you to sleep better. If you struggle to sleep with it off as a lot of people do then make sure that you put it on a timer to go off once you are asleep.

Stress can also affect your sleep so we must try to reduce the amount of stress that we are under but this can sometimes prove difficult to do. But regular exercise has been proven to reduce stress.

If you can make sure that you do a little exercising daily then this should reduce stress and in turn help you to sleep. But remember not exercise late at night as this can keep your mind active which will affect your sleeping.

Drugs can often affect sleeping too so if you are on any medication that may affect sleeping then your doctor should have taken note of this and prescribed it for early I the day rather than at night. Caffeine is one drug that has a very negative affect on sleeping.https://gohonestreview.com/mela-luna-sleep-review/

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