DXN Code Strike  Bell yes because it does make

DXN Code Strike  Bell yes because it does make history come yeah it’s great it’s on YouTube you should watch it the funny thing for me was like how you know everything so different there’s horses and and I was and he was like whoa and I’m like Adam yeah Wow like it’s a hundred and ten years old and they’re adults right they weren’t born that day correct even if you were nine year old individual you said it’s so fun to watch it is it’s interesting that your brain goes to all these people are dead now truly when I watch stuff I think I want to lower them up yes okay really good really good point but in this case it’s like not a soul in this video it’s still breathing that’s weird don’t seem just as much hustling and bustling hmm yeah that’s cool I think I like to look for the commonalities of the things that have net changed the things that have mm-hmm so it’s men suits and frantic American pace of life like tired I remember when I


DXN Code Strike side effects  like super chill we spend a lot of time outdoors like wait – you trust her Oh California the the relaxed you know she’s like you need to just spend some time in nature like go by the water and like you need to just escape yeah slow it down because they’re just faster and I like a fast-paced environment but it’s almost like I’m so fast-paced that I need to be an environment that’s more chill to like bring me down compared to like get those rev me up yeah and I’ll just be like you know I’d probably die of a heart attack I’ll be like Phoebe when that and that when that episode where they do like opposite and she gets a heart attack and she like won’t stop talking on her phone like while she’s in the hospital yeah that’d be like me if you do need a break too and want to relax you should try best fiends done and done I was done I way too relaxed I’m the flight I love games that you can get me to when you are offline because

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