Sex In The City Causes Insomnia

Do you snore? Have you ever wondered what the causes of snoring Resurge Review are? Is there a switch that your brain clicks when you go to sleep that makes you snore like a train or sound like the worst thunder storm ever? Let me tell you the basics, as to be well informed will help you fight the battle in finding snoring cures that can work best for you.

When we breathe, air passes through the back of the nose and mouth and snoring will result if there is an obstruction in these pathways. The causes of snoring are mainly related to the collapse of part of the air passages where the tongue and upper throat meet the soft palate and uvula (the uvula is the small V- shaped extension of the soft palate that hangs behind and over the tongue at the entrance to the throat). If the airway is blocked at some point, it will cause vibration each time you breathe in and it is this vibration that produces snoring.

There is no single fixed point within the airway from which snoring originates; however, the tongue has more recently been seen as an important muscle in the causes of snoring. When we sleep, muscle tone is more relaxed and therefore we will be less able to stop the airways from collapsing and producing the snoring sounds.

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