How Does it Affect the Way You Think?

Intrusive thoughts, or thinking about the trauma Cognitiva Review  when she doesn’t want to and not being able to turn it off. So in the middle of dinner with the family, something happens that reminds her and suddenly, she is thinking about the trauma again.

Having flashbacks of the trauma – this means that for a few minutes or even longer, her experiences shift and it is unclear what reality is. Is she standing on the sidewalk, heading toward the coffee shop, or back in her childhood bedroom, where the abuse took place?

Memory lapses-for example, she stops in the middle of an explanation, completely forgetting the story she was about to tell or the conversation she had yesterday, or an hour ago.

Difficulty focusing or concentrating – most people who survive trauma just want to feel normal again and often return to work or other activities to try to get that sense of normal back. But nothing is normal. They can’t seem to focus on what they need to focus on; instead, they wind up thinking about what happened.


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