Thyroid Medication

If your hyperthyroid condition is severe,  Thyroid Support Review you may be subjected to surgery. The doctor may remove the glands partially or completely depending on the doctor’s evaluation. Radioactive iodine may also be required to destroy the gland completely if medication process didn’t work for the patient.

Besides the treatment options, patients should try to lower stress as much as they could as it helps alleviate anxiety. Caffeine must be avoided by hyperactive patients to avoid nervous attacks. It is a common type of thyroiditis occurring in females between 20-50 years. Thyroid is symmetrically enlarged, firm and rubbery in feel and features of myxedema are present. Rarely features of thyrotoxicosis may develop and this is called Hashitoxicosis.

Treatment. Usual doses of L-Thyroxin sodium 0.6 – 0.2 mg daily may be required. Steroids are also added sometimes to reduce the size of the gland. This is a rare form of thyroiditis and is also called chronic fibrous thyroiditis. Thyroid is enlarged, asymmetric, very hard and adherent to the surrounding structures. So it is fixed and does not move upon swallowing. There may be difficulty in swallowing and voice hoarseness. Hypothyroidism also accompanies this disorder.

This disease usually occurs in females between 20 and 50 years. It is preceded by upper respiratory infection or other specific fevers, e.g., mumps. Fever, pain over the thyroid which may radiate to the neck may be present. Patient will have difficulty in swallowing, cough and hoarseness of voice.

Thyroid Support Review

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