slimphoria keto being in the shops was

slimphoria keto being in the shops was really hard there was like temptation everywhere so I’m not doing too great Tony’s gonna cook dinner it is a spagbol tonight kind of nervous about someone else cooking because like I know the rules and how he doesn’t but I’m sure it will be fine day 4 is here and I’m mixing it up for breakfast I’m gonna have one boiled egg and two cracker breads this is gonna be my carp from the lunch I think I feel like I just need it this morning I am so hungry but the good news is of the three days in the world yeah three days done and five Poundstone another meal and tonight I’m having wife with 50 grams of pork 100 grams of vegetables so this obviously isn’t all mine I’m having dessert tonight which let me tell you


slimphoria keto buy protein for my breakfast again I found it worked really well yesterday so I have an egg to cracker breads and that grape kool-aid from America in sparkling water hello I’m always in the kitchen when I talk to him untie so I do a little bit of a catch up while the oven and heats up I’m doing it really really easy dinner tonight I’m doing the fish and I’ve already got my mash that I made the other day I’m gonna have a hundred grams of that and my vegetables that I already made and pot it up and then for Tony I’m just gonna give him these truffle fries and some peas because we’re getting really tired today it is day five it’s going well I’m just we’ve just had so much going with the house and the flooring guy still hasn’t finished we have the plumber here today and it’s like just people you know coming and going we hung up lots of shelves

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