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Wearing a pendant, ring or earring fitted with colourful gemstone corresponding to your astrological chart will certainly give good health and enables the human being to overcome hurdles in life. Many people are unaware of the miraculous benefits and enchanting properties of the gemstones. There are a total of nine planets and some specific gemstones corresponding to each planet. People choose to wear as an ideal remedial solution for all their problems related to health, wealth, career, finance and relationships. If worn correctly these colourful natural gemstones attract the cosmic light of the Sun. Rays of the Sun can only pass through the stone if the wearer has ensured that gemstone has a direct contact with the body. Read more –



The scintillating gemstones bring abundance of good fortune, success for the wearer. Human lives are affected by the position and movements of planets. lessens the negative effect of planets and boosts the positive effect in the life of a wearer. People having doshas and defects in their natal charts are recommended to wear healing gemstones. These gemstones help people in multiple aspects of life like marriage, career, inner peace, happiness, contentment, success, finance and education. Fake gemstones do not contain any benefits and gemstones can cast their effects only when natural and real. RATNAVALI ARTS ensures that all the gemstones are lab tested and for any queries you can contact the experts. 

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