Hereditary Diabetes It is in the Food, Not DNA

It has become a common excuse for most medical   Diabetes Freedom Review  professionals to put the blame on genetic heritage or the DNA for the diseases that they cannot find the cure or solution for. It is like the ultimate escape for them when they are forced by a patient’s family for a reasonable answer to the patient’s complicated health problem. It will further convince their assumption when they are told that someone among the family members of the patient is having the related disease too.

You can see this phenomenon happens in almost all modern diseases, be it heart disease, diabetes, cancer, etc. Take hereditary diabetes as an example, it is almost certain that a patient’s parents or one of his close relatives is having diabetes too. Most of the time, the doctor will tell the patient that his problem is genetically related and there is no cure for his illness. All they can do is to prescribe some drugs to control of maintain his condition.

Maintain? Control? The ironic facts and figures tell us that those expensive drugs failed to deliver what they are meant for. Not only the condition is not getting any better or controlled, as a matter of fact, it gets worse! You don’t need any official studies or reports to tell you that, for it is hard for you to find any. Well, that is just part of the drama of the medical money making industry.

Just go out to the street and ask some of the diabetes patients whether the drugs they are taking to control the blood sugar do make them feel any better or not? You will be surprised by the answers. One sure answer is that once you have started to take the pills, you will have to continue on for as long as the doctors ask you to, which is forever. Worse is that the dosage and types of pills will only increase through time, as fast as your medical bills.

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