How to Get Your Blood Pressure Down

Tinnitus, or ringing in the ear, may also indicate hypertension is present. Once BPS 5 Review again, there are other reasons why a person may hear a ringing in his/her ears. One of these reasons is this person has been listening to loud music or working in an environment where there is a high decibel level and proper precautions were not taken. Still, elevated blood pressure could be behind tinnitus and if you experience such a symptom you should find out if it is.

Other than getting punched in the nose, it could be hypertension that is behind frequent nosebleeds. Though this is a relatively common sign, most people who find they need to lower their blood pressure have never experienced nosebleeds. Still, if there is no apparent reason for nosebleeds to be occurring and they are, you should try to find out what the cause is.

Vision disturbances are somewhat common in people who have high blood pressure and people who have migraine headaches. Some of these visual disturbances can be a blurring of vision. Other times these disturbances can be of the flashing lights or color variety. Though it is common for those experiencing this symptom to worry about other possible underlying causes, such as a brain tumor, it can actually be relatively mild hypertension causing this problem.

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