What is a Yeast Infection? Learn the Details About the Disease

There are certain symptoms which will help you to  The Menopause Myth Review  understand that you are suffering from this problem. The infection is usually caused by a fungus. The name of this fungus is Candida albicans. This element is present in the body of a normal human being.

There is a safe count of these microorganisms present in the body. When the count increases the problem starts. The good bacteria present in the body keeps these bacteria in check. So now you must have an idea about what is a yeast infection.

The bad bacteria are usually prevented from having a bad effect on our body with the help of these good bacteria. There are certain reasons due to which there are certain imbalances. When the bad bacteria go out of the hand the yeast infection occurs.

When you have this kind of infection you have to face certain symptoms. These symptoms are quite irritating and embarrassing. So it is always better to know what is a yeast infection so that you can avoid it.

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