The Metabolism Myth

I THREW AWAY every book or diet I had,  15 Minute Weight Loss Review and decided to surrender, and live what I intuitively knew, and then shut my thoughts about weight loss OFF. Within months, without trying, all of my unwanted weight fell off and now 5 years later, I’m still at my ideal weight, never fluctuating more than 2-3 pounds without effort.

As the name suggests, a Mediterranean diet is based on the eating habits of the people of Mediterranean countries. This area includes about sixteen countries on three different continents. However, the origins of a this diet seem to be centered around Greece and the Greek Islands.

So, what is so special about the eating habits of these people, and what are the health benefits of their diet. Interest in Mediterranean diets began when it was noticed that that people living in the Greek Islands lived longer, and had less coronary disease and cancer than people from other countries. Recent medical research now confirms and backs up these facts.

A Mediterranean diet is made up of fruit, vegetables, grains, poultry and fish, some meat, red wine, and olive oil. Olive oil and Omega-3 oils from fish are known preventatives that help reduce the risk of coronary diseases, hypertension, and diabetes. Most healthy heart diets recommend the use of both olive oil and fish oils because they are very beneficial for the body.

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