Meaning of Prayer Hands

It has been said that we are all spiritual beings who are having a physical 10 Minute Awakening Review experience. We are first of all spirits who have physical bodies and live in a physical world. Energetically, we can liken the energy field to our spirit which is larger than our bodies and interpenetrates our physical reality. When there are blocks or energetic debris (congested energy), our spirits are not in balance or harmony with our surroundings. We may experience this as emotions or thoughts that are keeping us from our highest potential. We are not “at one with ourselves.”

Where Do You Find Meaning and Connection Church? Nature? In Relationships with others? In meditation? Silence? Our spirituality puts us in touch with the cosmic forces which permeate time and space. God is finally real for us and our spiritual quest for meaning has purpose. Our spiritual practices are attempts to find meaningful responses to the thought provoking questions of life.

History shows that aromatics have played a key role in assisting us to lift our thoughts and emotions to things spiritual so that we can contemplate the meaning of life. They help us connect with the Divine Forces. This makes sense energetically and chemically since essential oils are in harmony with all of life. Essential oils resonate with us and we respond to their messages. They activate the receptors of love, compassion and empathy. Essential oils affect us emotionally and yes, spiritually by helping us to make those connections to Divine forces.

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