How To Last Longer Naturally

However, there are only one or two companies Prostate 911 Review  that offer the combined approach. So when you do find one that offers a quality penis extender with a quality penis enhancement supplement I would highly recommend that you take action today and start your enhancement journey… And increase in penis size and much better sex life are only a few short weeks away.

Does it really make a difference to women when you’re having sex? Keep reading to find out what women really think about penis size and what you can do about it if you feel you’re just not enough. If you think about Western culture today you might be surprised when I say we have all been conditioned to believe bigger is better… I’m talking about flashier cars, bigger houses, even the controversy over upsized meals. The same thinking extends to penis size as well.

Contrary to common sexual myths, the size of a man’s feet or the size of a man’s nose has absolutely nothing to do with his penis size. Who knows how that fallacy even got started? However, men with a large build are generally more likely to have a large penis. So the question is does it really make a difference when you are having sex… Many studies have been performed and polls have been conducted for insights into what women really think. One woman named Samantha said categorically “sure it matters…I find that the bigger the penis the greater the feeling”.

In fact research has confirmed that it is really the exception for a woman to actually prefer an average or less than average penis size. They have also been incidents where women have gone to bed with men who have an small penis size and they have not been able to feel a single thing during intercourse. Usually those relationships or sexual encounters are doomed.

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