Can Fruits Really Help Diabetics Control Their Blood Sugar Level?

A couple of years ago, the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine Marine D3 Review undertook a survey to examine what effects being overweight had on diabetes. The objective of the survey was to help a control group lose about 7 percent of the excess bodyweight and monitor the impact it had on their diabetes symptoms.

The main difference this study had over others of a similar nature was how they planned to help the diabetics achieve their weight loss. They did not place the participants on any kind of diabetic diet. The plan was to follow a healthy lifestyle rather than adopt any kind of ‘type 2 diabetes diet’.At a little over 6 months into the study, all of the participants in the control group had over achieved on their weight loss goals, having lost an average of 10 percent body fat.

The study noted that the corresponding reduction in blood sugar levels of the members of the group were particularly impressive.Remarkable Results Participants in the study, officially called the Diabetes Obesity Intervention Trial (DO IT), were given basic dietary guidelines to follow, and then they made their own choices about what to eat. Each week, a dietitian offered suggestions on how to make the meals and snacks they were eating slightly healthier.

Marine D3 Review – Will it help to maintain your blood sugar level?

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