Overcome the Weight Loss Plateau

Fat is probably the most feared thing by people  15 Minute Weight Loss Review looking to lose weight but its this fear that can put our bodies into a state of storing fat. When your body is deprived fat good fats it will hold onto any fat it can find and not let go. It’s a simple fix just increase your intake of healthy fats from nuts, avacado’s, fish, seeds or any other healthy source and let your body let go of that fat.

People often forget of the simple pleasure of eating fresh fruits and I love to have a bowl of fresh cherries and blueberries and avoid those deadly high sugar processed snacks. I used to buy fresh cherries but frozen cherries are great option and are really delicious when your blood sugars running low.

Losing weight is not always considered healthy. Diseases like cancer, HIV virus and diabetes are among these cases. This happens when losing weight may cause disruption in metabolic processes and will prevent the body from receiving proper nutrition. Certain diseases interfere with the body’s ability to process food and the loss of additional weight will make matters worse. When a person is obese and extremely overweight a slow controlled weight loss program is recommended.

Being overweight affects a person in many ways. Overweight produces acid reflux, snoring, difficulty breathing and can affect the heart permanently. The opposite is also true; too little weight can cause pregnant woman problems during birth and can also lead to a sick, premature, underweight baby. This baby will also be prone to infections and may be in danger from simple everyday diseases because his immune system has not developed properly. Red blood cells carry oxygen to the different organs in the body, their production may also be affected because of limited amounts of amino acids which are necessary to build new cells and other structures.

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