Tuberculosis Yes, It’s Still Around

Many are surprised to learn this ancient disease Pandemic Survival Review (which has been found in Egyptian and Peruvian mummies) is still present and still a problem. Although Tuberculosis has been on the decline in the US, the rate of decline has slowed. As with the increase of antibiotic resistant organisms, Tuberculosis is no exception. Multiple drug-resistance is on the rise, markedly in people born outside of and living in the US. Although few cases are found in US born Caucasian persons, higher rates are found in immigrants and US minority groups. Diagnosis and access to quality treatment and healthcare impedes treatment of Tuberculosis. Persons infected with HIV are more susceptible to the disease. In addition, emerging drug resistant strains of Tuberculosis are curtailing efforts to eradicate this disease.

A first-line of antibiotic drug therapy is used initially. When those drugs fail, physicians must resort to a second line of drugs with unpleasant side effects, higher costs, and longer response time. When the organism becomes resistant to the second line of drugs, the disease is considered extensively drug resistant. At this point, drug options are limited. Between 1993 and 2006, there were three thousand cases of multi-drug resistant cases in the US.

In early 2013, scientists claimed to have found a totally drug resistant strain of Tuberculosis in South Africa. A physician treating patients in South Africa, experienced first-hand the horrific new strain of the disease after contracting it himself. After three years of treatment with a combination of powerful drugs that caused life-threatening side effects, he said “The TB doesn’t feel like it’s killing you, but the drugs do.”

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