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TruBodx Keto monitored in the biggest most expensive and ambitious study as of this day and it found well all of this everything I’ve said through seven and a half years they tracked a group of postmenopausal women following a low calorie with exercise regimen and a control group the eat less move more group did lose weight at first and by the end of the seven years they were all about the same all of them did they replace that fat with muscle no in fact they were on average almost an inch fatter than the control group they damaged their metabolisms and this study has been done again and again all over the world with different ages and races and all that is same results the study set out to prove that eat less move more notion and it wound up going against it the garbage lite low-fat diet industry biggest health


TruBodx Keto Reviews first points in the video but here’s another paper study of mine just because of how it progressed a dr. Sims in the late 1960s wanted to show that eating too much makes you fat and he gave mice an infinite supply of food they didn’t get fat they stopped eating when they got full because obviously okay next step force-feed the mice this caused a metabolism to go up they’ve got more calories available so their bodies use them higher heart rate more bodily function of repair and muscle building higher body temperature etc so the mice still didn’t gain weight okay well mice are pretty different than humans anyway let’s get some volunteers from the University of Vermont all lean and healthy and make them fat eat what you want and a lot of it as much as you can he told them and they did documented everything and none of them gained weight turns out wilfully overeating is pretty hard we didn’t know the specifics at the time but we have hormonal systems in place that tell us exactly when you should start and stop eating obesity tends to happen because this hormonal system is broken that’s not an excuse of course because you can easily fix it but more on that later anyway have you ever eaten so much that

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