Want to Lose the Flab? Eat Slower

She also adds “It takes time for your body to process  The Favorite Food Diet Review fullness signals,” she concluded, “so slower eating may allow time for fullness to register in the brain before you’ve eaten too much.” These results could suggest that there is a link between eating speed and obesity, but studies are still being conducted on this link therefore conclusive results are not readily available.

Some of the other benefits for eating slowly is that you taste your food more, which over time, may lead to you buying healthier food options. Most factory processed foods are designed to only taste good for the first 2 or 3 bites, after this, your taste buds tend to ‘kick in’ and the processed food tends to become less appetising with every bite, if you are more aware of the taste of your food, instead of just gobbling it down because you are in a hurry, you are more likely to eat more healthy foods which in-turn may help you lose weight.

Studies also show that eating slowly helps to improve your digestion. This is because eating slowly gives the stomach more time to start breaking down the food. When you send an entire meal to your stomach within 5 minutes, you are more likely to suffer from indigestion. If, however, you take about 20 minutes to eat the same amount of food, your body has time to break down the food into manageable pieces so that it is easier on your digestive process.



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