On The Way To Success

When dreams and goals are set, people expect resultsSubliminal Tracks Reviewin the next hour, if not the next minute or second. And, when results are not provided, they see it as a mistake on our part, considering our moves and actions with what they can see. Also, when we consider things as they do, all we will hear from our heart is the lie about our future that we are making a mistake, and that it is wrong to pursue our dreams that way. The heart is deceitful. It is like a system that has been corrupted by virus which needs to be reprogrammed.

However, when we see things with our minds, taking it bit after bit, and considering the drives from within us, we understand that we are on the right track. The mind rides on the path of opportunity and paves way for ideas. A package within us which controls our thought and drives us on the path of achievement, but never takes us outside a clear conscience, is propelling us towards our dream. This is our destiny deposited in us by God and the only way to develop it is to allow it to grow with time.

Whatever life has achieved took the most important tool which is time to deliver results. It took God 6 days to deliver the desired results in the creation of the world. From a critical point of view, this is a life mistake for God to use words on a place without form and void(Gen.1:1), but on the process of time, results manifested. The maturation of time transforms mistakes to success through the application of knowledge, creativity and patience. Knowledge builds creativity and produces patience to endure through the process of time. The patient dog eats the fattest bone.https://sanantonioriverside.com/how-to-make-a-success-of-your-life/

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