Managing Osteoporosis Effectively

Problems in relationships can also hamper The Menopause Myth Review  your sex drive. Physical attraction could be overshadowed by whatever the issues between you and your partner are. The negative feelings you feel for your partner could be a wall that would keep your sex drive dry at the moment. To improve libido you would have to iron things out with him.

On the other hand, a more serious therapy could be in order for sexually abused women. In order to be able to enjoy sex again, you would have to move past the trauma stage. But then if you are able to, you could have a normal and fruitful sex life too.

Hormonal imbalance plays a major role in reduced libido. So if you are in your middle age to menopausal stage, this could be the main problem. Reduced production of estrogen could really be a downer on your sex drive. But then certain medications can cause hormonal imbalance as well. So when you are taking birth control pills, your sex drive can take a dive as well.

The good news is estrogen levels can easily be improved. With herbs like Dong Quai in female libido boosters, you can enhance estrogen production and really boost your sex drive as a result.

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