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Since love handles are seen at the sides of the abdomen, you also Half Day Diet Review need to perform exercises that target your abdominals, particularly your oblique muscles. Crunch twist exercises, sit ups and Abs workouts are basic exercises that can help to tone and firm up those muscles.Diet plays an important role in getting rid of those love handles fast. A healthy diet is always essential in any weight loss programs.

This is bad news for the sweet-toothed and fast-foods addicts, though, because a healthy diet means less intake of sugar, sweets, fast and fried foods, and meals rich in fats.Another thing to remember is to drink at least 6-7 glasses of water. Water does wonders to the body system, and helps you burn calories, too. During workout, you have more reason to drink every 30 minutes to keep the body fully hydrated.

A final advice: get enough sleep. With so many things to get done, and think about, many adults do not get enough sleep and rest. Unfortunately, if you want to lose those love handles, getting an uninterrupted 7-8 hours of sleep each night is a necessity. Your lean muscle mass is built during sleep, and more muscle mass means increased metabolism to keep the fuel burning in the body.With the right exercises and healthy diet program, you cant go wrong and soon youll be on the way to bid your love handles goodbye.Have you heard of the New Alkaline Diet thats hit the market this Spring? Are you wondering what it is and how you can lose weight using this diet.

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