Getting Washboard Abs – Burn Stomach Flab at Turbo Speeds and Reveal Your Six Pack

If you’re looking for a way to do hack squats One And Done Workout Review  and your gym doesn’t have the machine for it, this is a very effective alternative. You can also set the bar up higher, set a calf block down and do standing calf raises with this type of setup as well.

When you give this exercise a try and can’t walk normally for several days after because your legs are like rubber, you can blame me. I’ll accept it.Are you getting tired of the common pushup you learned in third grade. I know, pushups can get monotonous, especially when you become proficient at them. Well, you can spice this exercise up by adding some competition to it. How. You can do this by using a deck of playing cards and playing a game similar to the old childhood game of war.

Grab your wife, daughter, son or friend and shuffle the cards thoroughly. Place the deck of cards on the floor and take turns pulling a card from the top of the deck. You can even play this by yourself by pretending there is another player and pulling for that player, but you are not allowed to be both players.

Each person pulls one card and the person who drew the highest card must perform the amount of pushups equal to what is on the card. Numbered cards are worth the corresponding number, Jacks are eleven, Queens twelve, Kings thirteen, Aces fourteen and Jokers are fifteen. After you have completed your turn, you draw first for the next pulling of cards. You will continue this until you have run through the complete deck.

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