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Furthermore, evidence has shown that the  Keto Trim 800 Review presence of spices in food decreases appetite. Expand your culinary horizons and improve your metabolism by exploring these spicy and healthy dish ideas. Many Asian foods are both spicy and healthy. In particular, Vietnamese and Thai dishes are based heavily upon vegetables and leaner meats such as chicken and fish.

Both cultures also boast a rich array of spices that are sure to liven up any dish while giving your metabolism a thorough boost. Indian dishes range from mild to intensely spicy while also being low in fats. Mexican food is another excellent choice, though as fried ingredients feature heavily in many Mexican dishes, these should be avoided for a healthier meal. For snacks, consider buffalo wings with a spicy sauce, though just as with Mexican food, avoid them if fried, opting for baked wings instead.

Peppers are a great way to both liven up an otherwise bland meal and increase your diet’s metabolic efficiency. There are many peppers to choose from, so you should experiment to find flavors which complement your favorite dishes.

If the idea of drowning every meal in spices doesn’t exactly fire you up, there are other foods that increase the efficiency of your metabolism to similar effect. Complex carbohydrates and proteins require more energy to break down over longer periods. Such foods include fruits, vegetables and whole grains, cooked correctly or not at all.

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