Female Hair Loss Is Not Uncommon

The reason being is that being stressed Hair Revital X Review  releases hormones in the body that stimulate the fight or flight symptoms within the body. Normally in the past these chemicals were used up by a reaction to the situation causing the stress, but because of the way stress is caused nowadays through work etc… there is no action taken and the hormones just build up within us and this can contribute to the hair loss.

In this situation, one thing you can do to significantly reduce the problem of the hair falling out is increase your B vitamins, particularly vitamin B6. The reason for this is because B6 has many essential properties for the body such as helping to metabolize protein which is the building blocks of your cells, and it also helps to get more oxygen in the blood which in turn creates healthier cells.

As well as this it helps keep the nervous and immune systems healthy as well as balancing blood sugar levels, and because of all of these factors added together it is thought that this why B6 helps the body withstand stress. If you combine this with Biotin which is derived from B vitamins and is essential for healthy skin, hair and nails then you are on the right course.

If you pulled out more than six hair, then there is a high chance that your hair is thinning and while the B vitamins will help there other things you should look at too. In the main you want to look at things that help reduce what is known as DHT in your body. DHT is what occurs when testosterone and an enzyme called 5-alpha reductase combine and this attaches to the heir follicle and thins it out. Things that help against this are saw palmetto, nettle, zinc and magnesium to name a few.

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