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Pulled muscles happen when the muscle was not prepared for Joint Pain Hack Review exerting it or it is incapable of that amount of exertion. If a muscle is pulled or torn severely it will swell and the body will pool blood around the injury to protect it. Icing the area and not using it will help until going to the doctors office.

There is a few things that can be done to keep sore muscles at bay, but if your going to exercise your going to get sore muscles. You can, however, prevent injuries like strains, pulls, and tears. Stretching muscles before working out of doing anything strenuous will help. Keep hydrated your body needs to flush out toxins that it creates as you use the muscles and muscles knot up if not hydrated. Get a massage, this will help relieve tension and loosen up any knots that may be there. Finishing a work out with 15 minutes of light cardio will help the blood and lymphatic system flush the toxins your body created during the work out as well by getting everything flowing.

Taking aspirin or ibuprofen will help relieve pain and reduce any swelling that may already exist. Stretching daily will help keep you flexible so that you’re less likely to over exert a muscle. Sitting in a sauna will help with circulation and help the body let go of inflammatory cells. Something else that can make a different in preventing and helping in the aide of sore muscles is Aloe heat lotion by forever living. It’s great for relieving tension and sore muscles. Its also wonderful as a massage lotion. Its great for after a work out and is sure to soothe and warm everyone’s tired achy muscles.

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