One Symptom of Diabetes – Chronic Fatigue

As a diabetic you will have to learn StrictionD Review  how to give your own injections, this can be quite traumatic for children so the whole family will have to learn how to do it initially and gradually the child will take more responsibility for their own care.

Since injections are expensive and no one really enjoys them most medical care providers will try to lower blood sugar levels without medications. Since this method requires increasing physical activity, reducing intake of saturated fats, sugar and carbohydrates, and maintaining a ideal body weight it needs total compliance from the patient to work.

Medications are prescribed if the blood sugar levels remain high even after a few months of changes to diet and weight loss. Problems often occur when a patient changes from the exercise and diet regime to having injections, the problem isn’t in the injections it is usually in the patients mind. They often suddenly stop doing the exercise and eating the foods that were helping to keep their sugar levels low.

Just because you are having insulin injections you must not stop living the healthy lifestyle that has been helping keep your sugar levels down. Symptoms of type 1 diabetes come on very suddenly and can be dramatic. On the other hand, symptoms of type 2 diabetes are subtle and are sometimes initially disregarded and attributed to obesity and aging.

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