Via Beauty Cream: Do Not Buy 2019 Read First Reviews

via beauty cream to be something thick because you know I’m gonna go to sleep and I’m not gonna reapply it for hours it turns out I have recently discovered that I am a skincare hoarder it’s even worse I think then my makeup care I use oh no I know how much they use right so we cleaned out I mean it’s still a mess don’t worry we’ll accomplish that in this video we cleaned out the skincare and the drawers are empty so now what keeping like a crazy amount of skincare so I’m gonna show you guys what I’m gonna be getting rid of but first I think what we need to do is take some Clorox wipes and really clean up and clean out the cabinet so we fresh new start [Music] [Applause] [Music] hey the sink the drawers everything look so spic and span and amazing so now I’m gonna figure out what I need a key so this is gonna be the hard part of this somebody left this bag here for items that I’m gonna get rid of another bag going here’s another fact

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