Treatment Options You Should Consider

A suitable treatment for calluses on the feet includes Clear Nails Plus Review avoiding the repetitive actions that caused them to develop. Wear footwear that fits properly. Use protective pads to try and avoid them or to help resolve them. There are alternative treatment options that you could try, however, if you suffer from diabetes or any other illness that causes poor circulation, you should discuss self-treatment options with your doctor before you commence it.

You could soak your feet in warm soapy water for a while. This will soften the callus and make it easier for you to remove the hardened skin. During or after you bathe, you should rub the area with a pumice stone. This will assist in removing a layer of the thickened skin. Apply moisturizer to the affected area.

It is not advisable to use a pumice stone if you suffer from diabetes as there will be a risk of infection. You should also not cut or shave the calluses as this could lead to infection of the area. If the callus becomes painful or persists despite self-care treatments, there are medical treatments that could help.

Your doctor may opt to pare down the thickened skin. This can be done during an office visit. If after investigation, your doctor finds that you have a foot deformity, he/she may prescribe custom made padded inserts for your shoes. This will prevent the recurrence of the calluses. Using these methods, and if need be, consulting with your doctor will allow you to find the most suitable and effective calluses on feet treatment for your particular situation.



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