Fail As Fast As You Can!

See yourself everyday in the abundance you desire. See yourself The Light Code Review owning any desired thing, or circumstance. And basking it. If it is a new fur coat, feel it as well as see it. If it is a new home, see yourself in it, walking through your state-of-the-art kitchen. See the colors, the cathedral ceilings, the windows and granite counter-tops. Practice this everyday from this day forward. This practice will help you tremendously to overcome fear. The continuing battle is to always think of what you do desire and never to allow anything else to enter your mind that you do not want in your existence.

Take note of the law of cause and effect. The law of cause and effect will create wealth or poverty for you in accordance with your own beliefs, your feelings, your fears or your faith. It is therefore essential to be content, unafraid, certain of the future.Have faith in and/or believe in something. There’s not enough money in all the world to make you feel 100% secure. Nothing less than a faith in whatever your trying to accomplish, plus your own power to take the necessary actions that can give you a sense of security.

Psychology has taught us that we can’t break a habit by acting upon it. That just cuts into it in deeper. In order to successfully break an old, unwelcome habit we have to simply replace it with a new one. Women need to create new patterns of thinking and believing. Just the actions of thinking differently and believing they deserve success will create new habits of acting differently.

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