Tressurge  These are simple techniques, simple ideas, all you need to do is grab your paint, your brushes and come back and meet me at the easel right now, and we’re gonna get started, and make this easy This is part one of a two-part series Come on let’s go So, I think what is a challenge for people with hair, is more of a se Australian Sienna, Cad Yellow Medium, and Cad Red light, Pthalo Blue, and Glazing Liquid… that’s one way I’m gonna be thinning and improving the flow of my paint another is going to be water. I have water in a spray bottle that’s gonna be helping me and water in a cup and here’s the Glazing Liquid, so these are the things i’m gonna be using… I’m gonna be starting with fair hair first… and then we’ll move onto our next hairs. So, I’m gonna begin, with this really nice Number 4 Bright, it’s a synthetic filament, it’s gonna work really easily for me, and I’m gonna make my first value and what I’m doing here, I like to begin with its darkest value, and build up from there. So, I’m gonna take a little of my black, over to my Yellow Ochre and if you get too much black, it’s gonna over darken it, see I’m offloading … wiping off I want it to be dark but I still want it to feel uh… very gold so that’s the Mars Black, to the Yellow

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