Making Exercise A Way To Stop Smoking

Listen to the results of this study. Another  Metabolic Stretching Review individual by the name of Steve Blair from the Cooper Institute did a research project that showed if you have a healthy diet and even don’t smoke, but you are unfit, you are still at a high risk of disease and early death. He also proved that nothing was more important than weight training or resistance exercise.

They took a group of elderly patients in their 70’s and 80’s and even 90’s from a nursing home and put them on a program of lifting weights. Every one of the people in this study reversed the effects of osteoporosis. They were able to moderate and control their diabetes, and many other things that were otherwise thought to be irreversible.

Adding exercise was found to be much more important that just eating correctly in reversing the damaging effects of aging. So you can see that small changes in your lifestyle such as exercise are what make the most impact on your future. Age is not an acceptable excuse.

All of life is about being the best you can be with what you have been given. The only way that we have found to do so is to have a healthy nerve system, eat correctly, be at your ideal weight, and exercise consistently to increase your level of fitness. You can’t replace the need for taking care of your nerve system with exercise, but without being in shape and working on your level of fitness you are 50 times more likely to develop disease and die before your time. This is not what we would ever want for anyone and I am sure it is not what you want either.

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