What is Hypothyroidism and Why is it Elevating the Myocardial Infarction Risk

A major research has been conducted in the Netherlands,Thyroid Support Reviewand most participants in the study were women in their late fifties. Before the test proper, the women have been subjected to some analyses such as the EKG, blood pressure, cholesterol check, and checking the levels of glycemia.

There were also noted facts about the subjects such as if they were smokers or non-smokers, occasional drinking and other such factors which would help bring out a more precise study result. Surprisingly or not, the results of the study showed that each subject presented one or more symptoms that could be easily associated with hypothyroidism, such as dryness of the skin and hair, fragile nails, and excessive fatigue among others.

Another important fact to mention is that Thyromine reviews have showed that this particular medicine helps curing hypothyroidism. Only those people, who never experienced one or more of the symptoms at once, may say that they have a healthy thyroid.

Another very important aspect directly related with the under-active thyroid, is that an individual can face heart complications when thyroxine is present in very small levels. Cholesterol is gathering up in the blood, which may ultimately lead to heart failure or even myocardial infarction in extreme cases.


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