Natural Remedies and Control of Hypertension

Natural remedies for controlling hypertension rely BPS 5 Review  on the patient’s ability to monitor his own blood pressure so that the individual is well informed about the rise or fall of the readings. Indeed a person whose blood pressure is high ought to keep a journal of his daily readings.

The Sphygmomanometer aka “sphyg” is the common instrument doctors and nurses use for measuring blood pressure. This is placed over the upper arm artery, above the elbow, and when the pressure through the rubber bulb has shut off the artery so the pulse cannot be felt at the wrist, the reading in the graded scale at the height of the column of mercury indicates the BP. The use of this piece of equipment requires some training and it is a bit difficulty for a person to check himself with it.

There is however, the more modern Digital Blood Pressure Monitors or Wrist Measuring Automatic Models which are small and portable with memory for up to 48 readings coupled with time, date and pulse-per-minute easy-to-read LCD display and a one touch automatic operation which can be bought from across the counter in a drug shop or a supermarket.It is designed primarily to enable a patient measure his own pressure at home and consult an expert health worker when an unusual shift is observed. It is so easy to use that even a kindergarten kid can understand how to use in a few minutes. Hypertension is considered anything higher than 140/90.


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