Frequent Urination As a Symptom of Diabetes

The US ranks third in the world for having the most number Blood Sugar Formula Review of people afflicted with diabetes, trailing behind India who ranks as number one and China as the second. It is reported that the epidemic is concerned more with obesity being an underlying cause of diabetes.

Those born after the year 2000 are said to be already at risk of developing diabetes and this concerns 33% of the male population, 39% of the female wherein 50% of this will be Hispanic women. Based on assessment of medical facts and figures, the results indicate that cardiovascular diseases will be the eventual cause of fatalities.Asians who were not among those included in high statistics before has now a high incidence of diabetic suffering population. Where the existence of the American fast food chains being considered, like in Korea where 10% of the population is diagnosed as diabetic.

Diabetes Type 1 The underlying causes of Type 1 diabetes, being genetic disposition, environmental exposure to virus, toxins, stress factors and how it affects the beta-cells of the pancreas to produce insulin are all likely influences of diabetes pathophysiology in the society or community.In short, the present day generation acquired their insulin deficiency from parents counted in the previous diabetic statistics.

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