Cytomegalovirus (CMV) And Its Link to High Blood Pressure

I’m always fond of knowing things about improving my health as   BPS 5 Review   I take my health seriously. I always try to maintain my health in a natural way. I am also very interested in knowing what I have control over (diet, exercise, etc.) and what I don’t have control over (genetics, mass pollution, etc) where my health is concerned.

Mostly I prefer researching health topics that brings value to me and my clients. On the basis of this research I collected a lot of details on cytomegalovirus. And also its connection to hypertension.Greek names viruses are interconnected as this virus also gets it’s name from Greek cyto (cell) plus megalo (large). This virus comes from the bigger herpes family. Mononucleosis is also part of the same virus family.

Developing countries is mostly affected by this virus, even though it is found in almost all countries. CMV virus affects 60 to 99 percentage of the population. Urine, saliva and semen are the substances through which this virus is passed.


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